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Valve is reportedly working on a handheld Steam console

After a set of strings was found by Pavel Djundik, who is the creator of SteamDB, it looks like Valve is working on a handheld Steam console.

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According to Djundik there are multiple references to ‘Neptune’, which is likely the codename for the handheld console. He also found multiple strings related to Neptune, among them a quick access menu and a power menu. SteamDB commented on the findings by pointing towards an interview with Gabe Newell, who was asked if certain PC games would be ported to console, to which he replied that we’ll “get a better idea of that by the end of the year”.

A recent article by Ars Technica seemingly confirmed the news. According to them the device will be an all-in-one PC with gamepad controls and a touchscreen, with some likening it to the Nintendo Switch. Sam Machkovech went on to say: “I can confirm the device’s existence and development, and I can point to Newell’s very loud hints that something console-related will be announced later this year, but Valve is still in a position to change gears (pun intended) at a moment’s notice.“

It’s not the first time Valve ventured into consoles, pointing back to the Steam Machine which failed to get off the ground. This time around they might be looking at a different approach and we’ll have to wait and see what Gabe Newell and Valve have in store for the so called ‘SteamPal’.

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Image Credit: Valve