Dota 2
June 7, 2020

Valve adds toggle Sideshop option for Battle Pass 2020

After first planning on removing the Sideshop from the game, Valve now confirmed that they’ll be adding an option that gives players the choice to keep on using the feature.

Players can now toggle the Sideshop on or off based on their preference, making it a lot simpler to use. This way you can still make use of the recycling mechanic through the Sideshop but if you want to go back to the simpler methods of recycling items, you can easily turn it off at any point.

In a new Dota 2 update, Valve explained some more about the decisions they’ve made. “This update adds an option to allow players who preferred using the Sideshop to continue doing so. With the new option enabled, you will be able to use recycling to earn gold instead of the current mechanic. The option can be toggled on and off depending on your recycling preference at any time. Furthermore, gold will be provided once again through Guilds and Gauntlets.”

Players who already went ahead and spent all their gold and consumed their gems shouldn’t worry, as Valve will provide a solution. “We will be restoring everyone’s gold to the value it was before the update. We will also restore any spent gems since then. Any items redeemed through the store will still remain in player’s inventories. You can also choose whether you would like to recover your bench if you sold your various Sideshop items and heroes.”

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Picture credit: Valve
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