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VALORANT: Why is Riot Games scrapping patch 2.10?

Yesterday Riot Games announced that there will be no patch 2.10 for VALORANT and that the next patch will be 2.11, coming in June.

Riot announced their decision to scrap patch 2.10 on Twitter and gave an update on the situation, also briefly touching on their reasoning behind it. “Periodically, we have to update the engine for our game. Due to the nature of these updates, we want to give ourselves plenty of testing time and a stabilization period before shipping it to you. So, there will be no Patch 2.10. The next update will be Patch 2.11, around June 8.”

As it seems like Riot will be tweaking the VALORANT engine, bringing out a patch right now might be risky and could lead to some unforeseen issues which may be a little complex to solve. It does mean that we’ll have to wait until June until we get to see what Riot has in store for us when it comes to new content for the game.

It’s also the first time a patch for the game has been scrapped, as Riot Games has been very consistent with their patches up until now, regularly updating their popular FPS. This time however delaying the patch might be a necessary evil, to ensure the game keeps running optimally.

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Image Credit: Riot Games