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VALORANT – These are the rewards from Episode 2 Act 3’s Battle Pass

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The new VALORANT Battle Pass kicks off with the launch of Episode 2 Act 3 and lasts until June 21st. As usual the Battle Pass is divided into a free and premium half. If you are interested in the Premium rewards you can buy them for 1000 VALORANT Points (roughly $10 USD).

Rewards range from Radianite Points to weapon skins, sprays, titles, gun buddies and more.

New skins fitting for new map Breeze

Highlights are the new skin packs “Depths”, “Lightwave” and “Songsteel”. Right at home on the new seaside map Breeze, “Dephts” provides your weapons with an underwater look. “Lightwave” is more eye-catching with striking colors, while “Songsteel” gives your guns an elegant metallic look.

To complete the facelift for your weaponry, Riot also implemented four new Gun Buddies: Penguin, Get Carried (a backpack), Ancient Mysteries Revealed (a Kraken) and Lucky Rabbit.

Additionally Riot has also implemented 13 new player cards and multiple new sprays. You can see all rewards in the following video:


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Bildquelle: Riot Games