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VALORANT: Riot to battle toxicity with behavior detection and chat text moderation

Earlier Riot Games already said they’d be taking on toxicity in VALORANT, but now we’ve got an idea of what exactly they’re planning to do.

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In a blog post, the VALORANT developers talked about their behavior detection and penalties to be issued. More specifically, they have tweaked their systems to more effectively deal with AFKers, a common issue in ranked playlists. “Our old system had a few loopholes, and it sucked to see some players slipping through the cracks. Those loopholes will be patched, and in the future, we’ll broaden this detection to encompass other types of disruptive behavior and non-participatory play.”

Apart from targeting AFKers, Riot Games will also bring some changes to the chat system and will be cracking down on offenses. They’ll be integrating a text moderation system for over 11 languages and have also overhauled their penalty system for these kind of text-based offenses, with punishment ranging from simple warnings to extended bans from ranked play. ”If someone is verbally harassing you, do not harass them back or repeat what they have said. Report them, and trust that our systems will take care of it.“

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To close out their blog post, Riot announced they plan on integrating a similar system to voice comms as well and will also be rewarding players who actively help out other and are a positive force within the team. “We’re investigating ways to detect positive behavior, and to give players visibility and recognition for their pro-social play.“

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Image Credit: Riot Games