September 24, 2020

VALORANT: Riot Games reveals their first official tournament ‘First Strike’

Riot Games, developer of VALORANT, has announced their first official tournament for the game which they will be organizing themselves. The tournament is called ‘VALORANT: First Strike’ and will include Europe, North America, Turkey, CIS, Asia, Oceania, Brazil and the Middle East.

To announce the tournament Riot Games released a video on the VALORANT Twitter page alongside a blog post, where they talk about the next steps for the game. “First Strike will be the first tournament produced by Riot Games and an important foundational step to establishing regional legacy. As we continue to plan ahead for the future, our approach will continue to be heavily driven by the core principles shared earlier this year.“ Says Whalen ‘Magus’ Rozelle, senior director of global esports.

Qualifiers will be held in all regions, with qualifying teams moving on to one of the Regional Finals. These finals will also be overseen and produced by Riot Games themselves and will take place from December 3 until December 6.  

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The qualifiers will also be generally accessible to amateur as well as professional teams, giving everybody an opportunity to qualify. “Players sixteen and above who have earned a rank of Immortal 1 will generally be eligible to compete in the qualifiers, but we advise to check the full rules and policy once they are released. We look forward to sharing First Strike with you and discovering which teams will become the first Champions of their region!“

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Image source: Riot Games
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