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VALORANT: Riot Games give more insight into 5-stacks and optimizing in-game performance

Riot Games have given an update on 5-stacks following criticism by pro players on the current ranked format, alongside talking about in-game performance.

When it comes to 5-stacks, Riot talked about the questions they first have to answer before implementing in their newest Ask Valorant blog. On one hand they don’t want to split the ranked queue, fearing that one queue would become the dominant one, while also talking about match fairness. “By having one ranked queue, we have a bigger pool of players, lowering queue times and enabling stricter matchmaking. So while designing for this issue, we want to make sure whatever solution we go with maintains competitive integrity.”

Jon Walker, the competitive designer for VALORANT, also gave a time frame for when we can expect more updates on 5-stacks. “I can tell you more at the beginning of Episode 3, as it’s a little early to talk about what we are doing to solve that issue.”

The other issue Riot addressed was the unstable FPS some people have been facing, having identified issues with Viper and Astra and working on getting those optimized. “Currently, we are focused on improving CPU performance. This can be done by either improving baseline performance, which results in an average higher FPS or by removing hitches, which will reduce how much FPS drops when there is a more expensive workload.”

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