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VALORANT releases new game mode Escalation – How does it work?

As a lot of VALORANT fans have been clamoring for some more variety in the game, Riot Games has released a new game mode to be enjoyed with Escalation. How does it work exactly?

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Most people will already be familiar with the classic game mode Gun Game, which was present in some older FPS games. With Escalation, VALORANT adds its own twist to the classic mode, changing it up to become a team-based mode. You and your team will start out with some great weapons, which will progressively get worse as you get further into the match and secure kills. To keep things fresh, the game will randomize the 12 weapons you and your team will cycle through. There are 12 Escalation levels, with 7 points needed to progress to the next one. Kills on the current level will earn you 1 point, while kills on a lower level net you 0.5 points.

To make things even more chaotic, Agent abilities will remain in play as, instead of a gun, one of the Agent abilities might be unlocked. You will have to work together with your team to cycle through more weapons and when you reach the final round, all members on the team will receive the final weapon. The game will end when 10 minutes have passed, with the team who has got the highest score taking the win, or when enough points were reached with the final weapon.

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Players can get started with Escalation today, February 17, for a nice change of pace in-between your ranked matches, or just as a warm-up.

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Image Credit: Riot Games