June 21, 2020

VALORANT: Possible changes coming to Spike Rush

Ever since VALORANT had its full release, the newly introduced game mode Spike Rush has been very popular and that popularity has only increased as time went on. Now that Patch 1.02 is releasing which will (possibly) bring a ranked mode, Spike Rush might also receive a few tweaks.

The first change we’ll most likely see is one to the Deception Orb, which makes enemies nearsighted and scrambles their map. The Deception Orb has been quite powerful in Spike Rush because, if used correctly, it can change the momentum of the entire match, completely crippling the enemy team. 

A lot of players have already spoken out about wanting it to be removed from the game mode, but it’s more likely to receive a nerf. One of the VALORANT developers already spoke about the issue on a thread in the VALORANT reddit, telling people they’ve got “some changes coming” to the Deception Orb, making it less oppressive than they currently are.


The Crippling Decay Orb, which reduces enemy health by 90% for 7.5 seconds, may also receive a nerf. Lots of players complained about how effective the orb is and, just like the Deception Orb, wanted it to be removed from the game entirely. Riot Games promised to tone down it’s effectiveness and work on a way to give players on the receiving end more of a fighting chance.

It’s not clear if these changes and tweaks will be implemented in patch 1.02, but if they aren’t they surely will be in later patches.

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Picture credit: Riot Games
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