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VALORANT: Patch 3.0 brings big changes to all Agents and weapons

The patch notes for patch 3.0 are here and we’re getting changes to all Agents and weapons, alongside some competitive tuning.


The biggest changes come to the Agents, as they will all be adjusted with the upcoming patch. “We have adjusted ability pricing, cooldown rates, and ultimate costs on every Agent. Generally, we noticed that certain agents were able to have too much impact with their abilities without making any significant tradeoffs.“

These changes have been made to all agents

  • Signature abilities now only provide a minimum of one charge per round instead of accumulating a charge every round.
  • Charges gained from cooldowns are now always temporary
  • Visibility returns faster during the fadeout period of all flashes


When it came to the weapons, the developers targeted run-and-gun, which is too powerful in some situations. “It is currently more potent than we’d like. This patch targets a piece of the puzzle that we haven’t touched before which is what we call ‘tag into accuracy.’ […] We’ve also reduced the running accuracy of Sidearms and SMGs in an attempt to tighten up engagements with those weapons while maintaining some of their identity in terms of mobility by being able to to move and shoot somewhat accurately at shorter ranges.”

Changes to all weapons

  • Bullet tagging changed from 75% slow to 72.5% slow
  • Weapon Deadzones changed from 30 to 27.5%

You can check the full patch notes on every individual weapon (and agent) here.

Competitive updates

With the competitive changes VALORANT will be aiming to increase matchmaking accuracy and general fairness. Some of these include reducing feeling of being “hard stuck”, improvements to matchmaking in general, individual performance will be accounted for when matchmaking, close games will have lesser impact on rank rating gain and losses and placements being raised to Diamond 1.

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