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VALORANT Patch 2.03 – Stinger nerfs, Yoru balance changes

Riot Games has released the newest patch for VALORANT, which sees some changes come to the Stinger, while Yoru gets his first balancing changes.

Agent changes

Four agents in total see changes in 11.4, one of them being Reyna. She’s found to be a little too overwhelming in the hands of good players and will see her Q and E charges reduced from 4 to 2 and their cost increased. She does however get an update to her soul orbs, which now drop from enemies damaged in the last 3 seconds even when not landing the killing shot.

Yoru’s changes focus more on visibility and information. His Gatecrash will now display the range at which the tether can be seen and the audio heard by enemies while moving on the minimap. His Dimensional Drift (X) will now retain the minimap when using it and all enemies within Yoru’s vision will now be revealed to his teammates as well. Furthermore, his X can’t be use to body block anymore.

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Finally we see some small tweaks to both Brimstone and Phoenix. Both will have the audio of certain abilities (Incendiary and Hot Hands) be made easier to hear.

Weapon changes

The biggest update to weapons comes in the form of the Stinger, both full auto and burst. The price of the weapon got increased while the rate of fire is slowed down and recoil has been made more aggressive. The burst mode sees more error in between bursts. An other weapon to receive (positive) updates is the Marshal. Price has been decreased while the zoom has been enhanced.


Other small updates feature the release of the new game mode, Escalation, which we’ve covered here. Riot is also cracking down on AFKers (and toxicity in general) in ranked playlists.

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Image Credit: Riot Games