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2.01 Patch VALORANT

VALORANT Patch 2.01 – Jett changes and Split updates

Riot Games has released a new patch for their second season, this time making some changes to match history and more effectively punishing people who deliberately AFK. We also see some changes to Agent Jett, more specifically focussing on her smokes, while some spots on Split get a small tweak.

The changes to Jett are basically Riot Games dialling back the changes they’ve made in patch 1.0, when her smoke duration was increased to 7 seconds. The developers have now decided to make that number a little smaller again, with Jett’s smokes now lasting 4.5 seconds. According to Riot, Jett offered a tad bit too much utility for such an offensive agent and wanted to dial that down a bit.

We also see some tweaks to Split. These minor changes include increasing the width of the B Main doorway to make things a bit more forgiving for attackers, Increasing the Spike plant zone boundary, removing a 50/50 check around vents and more. You can find all the updates to the maps here.

From now on players will also be able to hide custom games from their Match History. You can no longer add enemy players as friends as the option is now only there for teammates, while Riot is also targeting AFK-ing by penalizing deliberate AFK’ers (but adding AFK forgiveness for players who are actually just a tad late).

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Image credit: Riot Games