VALORANT Patch 1.09 Weapon Tier List
September 30, 2020

VALORANT Patch 1.09 – Weapon Tier List

By Julia Gaberlavage/DBLTAP
Valorant Patch 1.09 introduced a massive nerf to the Operator which, whether you like it or not, has shaken up the meta in a big way. Here is how things stand now in the wake of the nerf.

S Tier
  • Vandal -2,900 credits
  • Phantom – 2,900 credits
  • Ghost – 500 credits
  • Frenzy – 400 credits

These are going to be your best picks for your money, with Vandal and Phantom being great utility choices and Ghost and Frenzy being good early picks.

A Tier
  • Odin – 3,000 credits
  • Sheriff – 800 credits
  • Guardian – 2,500 credits

While Odin and Sheriff are a little pricy their power can well justify the purchase if you’re willing to take the risk. Guardian doesn’t quite have the utility of Phantom or Vandal but it does have a significantly lower price tag.

B tier
  • Operator – 5,000 credits
  • Specter – 1,600 credits
  • Bulldog – 2,100 credits
  • Ares – 1,600 credits

With the nerfs to Operator and the increase in price for the already expensive weapon, it’s way more of a risk to pick than it was previously. It can still be fantastic for keeping angles locked down but with Breach’s increased viability as an angle breaker, the Operator might not be worth the price tag anymore.

C Tier
  • Stinger – 1,600 credits
  • Marshal – 1,600 credits
  • Judge – 1,600 credits

These weapons are situationally useful but might not be worth the credits in every match.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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