2. September 2020

VALORANT Patch 1.07 – Nerfs for Sage and Killjoy

Another Patch, another Sage nerf. VALORANT’s healer just can’t catch a break as Riot Games conitnue working on game balance. Besides the almost traditional nerf to Sage, Killjoy was also nerfed..

Breach will now have three Flashes, Sage’s healing was weakened and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm will also be more visible. Here are the changes for VALORANT in Patch 1.07:

Besides the balance changes to Agents, shotguns were also adjusted. Headshots were weakened, while the Judge’s price has been changed to 1,600 Credits. The Shorty’s range was also nerfed.

Another gun change was the increased fire rate for the Vandal. A single hit will now also do 40 instead of 39 damage.

Ranked mode was also slightly changed. If you start the match undermanned you can now leave the match without penalty. The command /remake will also trigger a vote for a remake if a player has not connected until the end of the first round.

Patch 1.07 will also have graphical changes affecting hit animations and your ranks in the specific acts.


You can find the full Patch notes here:
VALORANT Patch 1.07

Another Sage nerf hits her reactionary healing and wall placement. Even aggressive plays via Slow Orb have become more difficult. The Killjoy nerf is also closely mirroring the complaints of many players in Matchmaking. The Operator has however dodged a nerf once more.

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