August 5, 2020

VALORANT Patch 1.05 – Raze gets nerfed yet again

VALORANT opens up Act II with patch 1.05. Not only new agent Killjoy is shaking up the game, a new Battle Pass and the new Deathmatch game mode are also fresh additions.

The second Act of VALORANT has arrived. Patch 1.05 introduces the new agent Killjoy. Players can unlock the new agent via contract in-game. A new Free-for-All Deathmatch has also been implemented.

For cosmetics there is not only the Battle Pass for Act 2, Riot has also released the new skin bundle “Glitchpop”, which includes five weapons, a player card, a spray and a gun buddy.

Changes to ranked

Besides the new content Riot has also updated the ranked system in VALORANT. Solo- and Duoqueue will be seperated from full premade teams in queues. While this will increase the queue time, it should lead to more balanced games.

The system will now also be more transparent. After every match you will have more feedback to the impact it had on your rating. With one to three arrows (up or down) players will have an easier time to determine how much they gained or lost in the prior match.

Raze nerfed

Patch 1.05 also implements changes to the game balance. Raze gets hit yet again by a nerf. Not only her Blast Pack had its damage reduced her ultimate Showstopper takes longer to charge then.

Update with bugs

Unfortunately the new patch also brought acouple of bugs and issues with it. One of them led to a temporary disabling of Raze as her ultimate was buggy.

The map “Ascent” was also disabled for a bit as one of the walls was problematic.

You can find the full patch notes on the official site:
Patch notes 1.05

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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