July 22, 2020

VALORANT – Patch 1.04 buffs Viper

Patch 1.04 focuses on agents Viper, Raze and Brimstone. The Classic pistol also received adjustments.

Viper has been considered one of the weaker agents with low pick rates. Riot has identified the problem and has made adjustments to buff Viper.

One of the reasons for her low pickrate are the mechanical skill required for her abilities and underwhelming effeciency of those. Patch 1.04 tackles those issues.

Viper will now be able to stand outside of her ultimate for up to 12 seconds instead of just 5 before the poison dissipates. Furthermore opponents entering the cloud will also have their minimap obscured and Viper’s ability to see other players in the cloud has also been improved.

Viper’s other abilities were also adjusted. She can maintain both her poison abillities for a longer time without exhausting her tank. Furthermore the decay damage was incread to 15.

Raze and Brimstone were slightly nerfed as their ultimates now require seven ultimate points to use instead of six. Another minor change was Cypher being able to recollect his Cage during the buy phase.

You can read the full patch notes on the official page:
VALORANT – Patch 1.04

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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