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VALORANT: Omen getting nerfed, Brimstone buffed according to episode 2 leak

Omen has been one of the most popular agents in VALORANT but that might change soon as episode 2 brings some nerfs with it. Alongside nerfs to Omen, there’ll also be some buffs coming to Brimstone, making him a bit more viable as an option, while the Classic pistol will get toned down a notch.

On the agent front, Omen is on the chopping block. His Dark Cover was considered a little too oppressive and will be decreased in speed, while his Paranoia ability will be made a little more expensive, being raised from 200$ to 400$. Brimstone on the other hand has been considered one of the weaker agents in the game, often being overshadowed. The range of his Sky Smoke will be increased while he’ll see a decrease in price for his Incendiary ability from 300$ to 200$. His Stim Beacon ability will also become a quickcast, instantly increasing your fire rate instead of having to equip it, allowing you to keep up momentum..

Lastly there’ll be some changes coming to the Classic, which was found to be a little too strong in close combat situations. To remedy this, the pistol will be given an increased bullet spread to the alternate fire, making it a little less effective and opening up the possibility of other pistols being considered a little more.

Valorant Episode 2 is releasing on January 12, featuring a new battlepass, more cosmetics and a brand new agent in the form of Yoru.

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Image Credit: Riot Games