September 17, 2020

VALORANT – New game modes and a console port to come?

Riot is currently contemplating the introduction of new more casual game modes. Additionally the VALORANT’s Game Director Joe Ziegler also said that Riot is still looking into porting the game over to consoles.

In an interview with USgamer Game Director Joe Ziegler shared his thoughts on the future direction of VALORANT.

New game modes for a more casual experience

VALORANT has already seen the introduction of two more game modes besides the regular competitive mode. While Deathmatch and Spike Rush are different from competitive at their heart they are still places to either wind down or warm up for the “main event”.

Ziegler would instead like to also introduce places for “social downtime”, where players can “live a more full life inside of VALORANT.” Especially since the competitive games are very stressful.

The most recent new game mode introduced to VALORANT is Deathmatch.
VALORANT on consoles?

Since its release three months ago console players have often asked if a console port for VALORANT would come. While Riot never outright ruled out a port, they always were cautious about it. A line that Ziegler continues in the interview as he said that it would be naive to “just port it over and hope it works”.

Judging from that it seems a console version is not currently in any concrete stage of development. Nevertheless Ziegler retains the stance that some members of the team “are working on it right now.” to determine whether or not VALORANT could work on consoles.


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Image Credit: Riot Games
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