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VALORANT: New agent Yoru finally revealed

It’s been a long time coming but Riot Games has finally (officially) unveiled its newest agent Yoru in a cinematic video, also featuring Phoenix, Jett among others. Riot also confirmed that Episode 2 will be starting on January 13 (in Europe).

Fans already got a sneak peek at Yoru through a leak that came out about a week ago. The new agent will focus on a more stealthy playstyle, fulfilling the role of an infiltrator, obtaining information about enemy players and the enemy team while trying to mislead them through his set of abilities. These abilities include the use of portals and the recreation of footsteps, throwing off the enemy.

Yoru makes his first appearance in the Episode 2 cinematic that was released earlier today. There he works together with Phoenix against a team consisting of Cypher, Viper and Jett. In the video he showcases some of his abilities, once again confirming his focus on stealth and misdirection.

The release of Yoru marks the release of an agent born from a new philosophy, which Riot Games talked about earlier in one of their development updates. “Now that the basics are in place, we are going to take more risks with what each Agent introduces to the game, pushing some boundaries, and evolving what is possible in an ability based tac shooter. […] The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you “lurkers” out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe.”

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Image Credit: Riot Games