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VALORANT: New agent Skye and more in act 3

As Act 3 of VALORANT is inching ever closer (it’ll be released on October 13), Riot Games is making changes to their game while also adding new content. This means VALORANT players will get a new Agent to take into battle, while also receiving a new map to battle it out on.

The new agent that’ll be joining the others is named Skye, who is an Australian eco-warrior that will focus on a more passive playstyle. She’ll be a support style agent who helps the team in obtaining vision through summoning and creating different creatures, while also possessing the abilities to heal her team. Skye won’t fully release as Act 3 comes out, instead having a full release planned on October 27, allowing Riot Games to tweak her kit and profile where necessary.

In a video Riot Games has also shown the new map they’ll be introducing, called Icebox. More maps was something that the VALORANT community has been vocal about. The map is winter-themed and has two bomb sites in total, with a more vertical layout compared to the other maps in the game.

Alongside a new agent and a new map Riot Games will also bring some new skins to the game, this time called Singularity, which is inspired by sci-fi weaponry. People who want to see a full preview of all the new content that’ll be introduced to the game can take a look at the Riot Games website.

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Image Credit: Riot Games


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