New Ranking System for Act 2
July 23, 2020

VALORANT – Is a new ranking system inbound for Act 2?

The ranking system in VALORANT has been occupying the minds of the community since the beta. In the upcoming Act 2 the system is bound for more changes.

The details for the reworked ranking system in VALORANT have been made public through a leak. If those prove to be correct the changes will also introduce more differentiation for the Radiant rank.

According to the tweet by Valorant leaks all ranks will have five instead of three subdivisions. These will also be represented new symbols. The new system is supposedly going to go live at the beginning of August with the start of Act 2.

The new subdivisions and icons will also be present in Radiant, making it easier to differentiate between the skilllevel of the best players.
Maybe the new differentiation will provide enough incentive for the top players to keep up the grind as the lack of Rank Decay so far has made continuously playing ranked unrewarding.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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