Everything you need to know about VALORANT Act 2's Battle Pass
August 5, 2020

VALORANT – Everything you need to know for Act 2’s Battle Pass

VALORANT’s Act 2 has launched and is now fully underway. With the new Patch Riot has also delivered a new Battle Pass into the hands of the players.

As usual the new Battle Pass features a free path next to the paid one. Both are filled with new cosmetics, gun buddies, sprays and more.

You can unlock the paid premium path with 1000 VALORANT Points (or roughly $10).

10 Chapters & more

The Battle Pass is split into 10 chapters. Each chapter offers five premium and one free tier. These tiers unlock a wide collection of cosmetics for the fans: Weaponskins, sprays and new gun buddies are the main draw of Act 2’s Battle Pass. The unlockable skins in the Battle Pass are Hivemind, POLYfox, and Red Alert.

Furthermore you will be able to earn player cards and titles and additional Radianite points to spend on the in-game shop.

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How to level your Battle Pass

As before the most efficient way to level your Battle Pass is via completing your daily and weekly missions. Besides those playing regular games will increase your experience based on the rounds won in each game mode.

Although the Spike Rush mode is shorter, it also gives you less experience for the Battle Pass, meaning that the standard game mode is the most efficient way to level up. Remember that your personal performance has no impact on the experience and focus on winning rounds and the game to level up.

Riot employee Joe Lee has previously said that in general it will take about 100 hours to unlock all rewards in a Battle Pass. So it’s best to start the grind early.

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Image Credit: Riot
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