July 4, 2020

VALORANT – Changes coming to top rank Radiant

Since the release of Patch 1.02 in VALORANT, players have been duking it out in ranked matchmaking for Riot’s FPS.

The update has brought many requested changes, but prominent players like G2’s Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho still have a couple wishes for Riot.

His wishlist includes requets for the fledging pro scene as well as the casual player. Riot has now responded to his second wish for the game. While the introduction of the rank Radiant has worked out nicely as unique distinction for the very best, there is little incentive to keep grinding after achieving it. Another issue with the current state of Radiant is the wide spread in skill between “fresh Radiants” who just hit the rank and the absolute best players at the other end.

The current ranks in VALORANT
The current ranks in VALORANT
Riot is working on it

VALORANT’s Game Director Joe Ziegler responded to the prominent request and told mixwell, that the developers are already working on it. Although he did not go into detail it is encouraging to see Riot taking the matter seriously to increase competitiveness on the highest level of play.

Looking at Riot’s other flagship League of Legends for inspiration we might be introduced to Leaderboards in VALORANT. These allow top players of each region to compete against each other for the ever elusive rank one.

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Image Credit: Riot
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