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VALORANT Champions tour

VALORANT Challenger Dates Revealed

Riot’s official tournament circuit is about to kick off. During their second episode of VALORANT’s official “Hangout Stream the developer revealed most of the dates.

The competitive VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 is almost upon us. Most regions start dates have been determined and unveiled at a recent stream.

Latin America will start first on 26 January. Next in line are Korea and Brazil on 30 January before North America joins the fray on February 3rd. Two days later South East Asia follows suit before the CIS, Europe and Turkey cap it off on 11 February.

The dates for Japan and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) are still pending and will be announced at a later time. Challengers will be the first stage in the global circuit to determine the very best VALORANT team in the world. If you are unfamiliar with the VALORANT Champions Tour we have all the information you need here:

VALORANT Champions Tour revealed

Players can now start preparing in earnest for the upcoming open qualifiers in their respective region.


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Image Credit: Riot