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VALORANT – Breeze, Coach Slots & more in Patch 2.08 Notes

Episode 2 Act 3 kicks off as Riot has now deployed Patch 2.08 for VALORANT. New map Breeze is headlining the changes to the game.

As Patch 2.08 is about to hit live servers Riot has released the Patch Notes for the update. Episode 2’s Act 3 also launches with the patch and concludes Episode 2.

All about Breeze

The new Map Breeze is obviously headlining the Patch. The remote island with southern sea flair will be implemented into VALORANT with a special Breeze-only unranked queue for two weeks. This should enable all players to easily familiarize themselves with the new map without putting their MMR in danger. The new map will also be available in Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Escalation and Custom Games.

After the two week Breeze-only queue the map will be introduced to the standard unranked and competitive queues.


The new patch will finally introduce dedicated Coach Slots into VALORANT for the competitive esport scene. Coaches will be able to spectate tournament mode games from the viewpoint of their chosen team in the lobby. They will not be able to use pings or other communication tools in-game like the team or voice chat.

The much requested feature will finally bring VALORANT’s esports up to par with other titles like CS:GO.

Besides those two main changes, Riot has also fixed plenty of bugs and introduced quality of life changes. You can find the full Patch Notes on the official site here:

VALORANT Patch 2.08 Patch Notes


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Image Credits: Riot Games