June 9, 2020

VALORANT: Ascent no longer ‘featured’ in map rotation

People who don’t like the map Ascent or are just tired of it coming up so often in rotation will be happy to hear that the map won’t be featured anymore. This means the chance of playing Ascent will be just as high as the other maps.

The developers behind VALORANT announced the news on Twitter. “Beginning now, Ascent will no longer be a ‘featured’ map in the rotation. All maps should have an equal chance of being played on in your games.” The reason that the map came up so often when playing VALORANT was to counter people who already had a lot of experience on the maps that were present in the closed beta. To give players a ‘fresh’ experience and more of a level playing field, Ascent was given a boost in the rotation as opposed to Haven, Split and Bind.

Apart from just leveling the playing field, the map was most likely also part of extensive research. As more players played the map, it was easier for the VALORANT developers to gather data which will be used to improve the state of the map and fix potential issues. As other maps saw a lot of play in the closed beta, they already had a head start.

As of now, the VALORANT developers have not disclosed any information about upcoming changes to Ascent or its inclusion in upcoming Ranked play. Chances are high we’ll see some tweaks and changes to not only Ascent, but other maps in the game as well.

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Picture credit: Riot Games
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