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VALORANT Act 3 started – ranked, new agent and more

VALORANT starts a new season introducing Act 3! We will show you all the new content in the newest Act.

Last night Riot Games released the third Act in VALORANT. There are a lot of changes coming with the update.

New map Icebox

First of all there is a new map coming in the form of Icebox. It is only available in Unranked, Spike Rush and Deathmatch in order to be thoroughly tested, It is supposed to be introduced to the ranked mode on October 27th . Of course there is also a new Battle Pass introducing new cosmetics and 50 levels, which is available for 1000 VALORANT-points.

The update is 1,6 GB.

Updates for ranked mode

Here is what Riot Games says about ranked in Act 3: “The center of your Act Rank Badge is your ninth best ranked win, but you’ll also be able to see your highest rank achieved at the top of the badge.The badge displays only for Competitive games and is displayed on the player card in: Competitive lobbies, map load, in-game combat report, and End-of-Game: MVP.”

Starting today, ranked lobbies will only be possible for players three ranks or less apart. That means, Diamond 3-players will only be able to queue up with or be queued up against players ranked Platinum 3 or higher. Before the patch, the skill gap could be as big as six ranks.

On the Immortal and higher ranks only winning or losing a match will be factored in for ranking up or down. Individual performance will not matter for those high ranked players.

Valorant Rank
All rank is VALORANT. | Image source: Riot Games
More players in Deathmatch

The maximum amount of players in Deathmatch lobbies has been raised from 10 to 14 players. The periodic location pulse on the minimap has been removed and will only show right after spawning. Rounds will also last longer with the winner needing 40 kills instead of 30.

After a frag your gun will automatically be reloaded, while the Ares and Odin only get 30 bullets back to prevent excessive bullet spam. Because of the longer match duration a win grants you 900 XP.

All additional info can be found. Amongst other things, the tournament mode has been reworked and now allows up to 12 viewers.

New agent: Skye

With every Act there comes a new agent. Skye can heal and find enemy agents. You can find everything about Skye here. The healer will be implemented on October 27th.

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Image source: Riot Games; Twitter; Twitch