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VALORANT 101: How to play Bind

Bind can be one of VALORANT’s hardest maps to master, but here are our tips to frag out on the map.

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Bind is, quite aptly, all about catching your opponents out and putting them in a bind. The rather linear set up of this map makes knowing routes incredible important to traversing Bind. While much of the map features narrow, linear corridors, the bomb sites are actually quite open. This creates a very interesting dynamic, as Agents capable of clearing space tend to prevail on this map pick. Bind is absolutely filled with gimmicks and danger, but here are the essentials to know before jumping into a game in Bind.

Watch your flanks – Teleporter’s threat

Whether on attacker or defender side, everyone is almost always susceptible to being flanked at all times on Bind. This is in part because of the teleporters found at two separate locations on the map. The one just outside of B site takes a player almost all the way to the entry of A site. The teleporter at A site covers a much shorter distance but is perhaps more useful, as it connects from A site to Hookah.

These should not be treated as teleporters but rather one-way hallways. Once you go through a teleporter, there’s no way back and the distinct sound will likely draw opponents. There is a small ‘safe’ area in the teleporters where you should immediate use some amount of utility to ensure a safe exit instead of a plain, dry peak. Teleporters are great for rotating across the map quickly or trying to get the jump on your opponents, just be aware that is almost always one gun posted by these locations.

You should also know that some utility is capable of passing through the teleporters, but others cannot. There is no general rule, so all you can do is memorize. Mollys and grenades typically go through the teleporter, along with Raze’s boombot and Sage’s orbs. Cypher’s trip wires can also be placed on the teleporter walls to monitor their use.

A Spike Site

On defender side, the tower overlooking the city is imperative to man. This gives a bird’s eye view over the entire site, overseeing both the showers and teleporter entrance from attackers. On full buy rounds, either placing a rifle or Operator here would be optimal on a highly mobile Agent such as Jett. This way, if multiple opponents should stack up, you can quickly reposition and stall for a rotate.

For attackers, gaining priority of showers is a must. Defenders often use this location to lurk for an early flank. If you don’t place any guns here, some utility would be useful to track any potential flanks. Out of the two, this is clearly the more difficult site to take given the harsh choke points and punishable routes.

B Spike Site

The B spike site is one of the more dynamic spikes sites. On attacker side, Hookah is the most important area to take priority over. Keeping an eye on the teleporter is essential but an easy place to take out enemy defenders attempting to rotate over. The wide window over also gives plenty of room to drop onto the site. B long is also an area of importance, and it may be most prudent to split the push into two sections, one focusing hookah and the other on long.

Duels on long will inevitably be difficult to win whether on attacker or defender side given the long ranged nature of the area. If you should get priority over both sides however, defenders will quickly be overwhelmed and forced on the retake if they aren’t wiped out immediately.

On Defender side, this is incredibly difficult to hold for long. Upon the first sighting of opponents, it would be better to rotate around. In fact, this is one of the few spike sites where it is often more advantageous to play for the retake, trying to keep as close in numbers as possible to use utility to capture the site once again. Going in through elbow and hopefully having someone on a long lurk may be enough to retake.

The best Agents to play on Split

Information is key on this map, making Sentinels and Controllers king on Bind. Cypher and Killjoy both excel at locking down specific portions and keeping an eye on your team’s flank. Cypher more than Killjoy considering she needs to be in proximity of her gadgets.

Duelists such as Phoenix are great for this map, first of all his curveball works well when in a map with plenty of angles. Secondly, his ultimate allows for a great deal of information gathering. Jett as well works here considering her insane ability to close gaps and quickly rotate around.

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