May 18, 2020
Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google

Rainbow Six: Siege is Ubisoft’s most successful esports title. In order to protect their game, they have now filed a lawsuit against giants Apple and Google.

Ubisoft has decided to tackle Apple and Google in an attempt to stop the game “Area F2” from being distributed via Apple and Google’s App Stores. According to the developer Area F2 is a blatant copy of Rainbow Six: Siege. Area F2 was developed by chinese company, a subsidiary of the Alibaba group.

Ubisoft files lawsuit in Los Angeles

Prior to the release of Area F2 on April 16th Ubisoft already announced that they believe their copyright to be violated by the new mobile game. Disregarding Ubisoft’s opinion Apple and Google both greenlit the chinese game for their respective App Stores. Ubisoft promptly filed a lawsuit against both companies in Los Angeles as a response.

Although Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six has three 55 million registered accounts with three million active daily players (according to their own numbers), Area F2 has already garnered more than five million downloads on Google’s Play Store. A number that Ubisoft regard as stolen from their intellectual property.

Curiously enough Ubisoft has not filed a lawsuit against, but with China being a notoriously difficult country to enfore copyright, Ubisoft seems to have decided to stop the distribution on App Stores first.
If Apple and Google are found guilty by the charges they could be fined for millions of dollar in compensation towards Ubisoft.

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