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Twitch reveals agreement with National Music Publishers

Though you still can't stream copyrighted music, Twitch is making progress.A

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A massive issue of contention in streaming in the past year has been the topic of copyrighted music. Countless streamers have face temporary bans and DMCA claims over music played on streams and in VODs. This has created incredible backlash in the streaming community, though Twitch are now making efforts to expand music options for streamers.

In a statement released earlier today, both Twitch and the National Music Publishers stated that they will “work together to build productive partnerships.” Though the claim is hopeful, little actual change has been made. Streamers still are not allowed to play copyrighted music and will have to deal with DMCA notices.

Twitch will now allow music publishers opt into deals wherein music rights will not be offered to streamers, but will offer less punishing consequences for streamers. Many have criticized the deal between Twitch and the National Music Publishers for making dramatic claims but ultimately delivering very little. This deal lays the foundation of the two organization’s relationship however, and has begun to create a less hostile environment for streamers.

Hopefully this will not be the last or most extensive agreement reached between the two organizations. In their statement, Twitch stated that they intend on bringing “new opportunities” to music publishers for further collaborations. Specific details about the future of this relationship or any prospective timeline have yet to be revealed. Now, we can only wait and see if the future of music on Twitch changes.

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