July 23, 2020

Twitch adds sports category, Real Madrid and Arsenal join

Twitch TV originally started as a streaming platform entirely dedicated to gaming and esports. As time has passed, the platform has progressed beyond its initial framework and is now a popular hub for talkshows, podcasts, and hobbyists. Its newest addition? Sports!

While sports content has been part of the larger Twitch ecosystem for a while, this is the first time we see the platform go for a dedicated push. The addition of a completely new category, ‘Sports’, will be showcased with content created by some of the worlds most renowned football clubs. Arsenal, Juventus, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-German will all provide a variety of content.

Examples include behind the scenes footage as well as an opportunity for fans of all ages to have real time interaction with their idols. Twitch, due to its live nature and iconic chat, is an especially well suited for direct interaction. Another reason cited for major sports to move unto Twitch is the young average age of Twitch viewers. While traditional sports generally have strong engagement with their older fanbase, the younger fans are sometimes hard to reach.

While the football clubs are to be a major part of the channel, they are not the only sport joining. The NBA and UFC will also be a part of a major showcase to celebrate the debut of the new category, hosted by the retired American Major League Soccer player Jimmy Conrad. 

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Image Credit: Twitch
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