June 11, 2020

Twitch address DMCA controversy and work on solution

Recently a lot of big streamers have been getting hit with DMCA strikes to their channel for playing copyrighted music on their stream. Twitch has now spoken out about the issues and have revealed their plans to offer a solution to both their content creators as well as the labels and artists.

When the problem first arose and multiple streamers got hit with strikes, Twitch took to Twitter to say they’ll respect the DMCA (or Digital Millennium Copyright Act) but were trying to find answers for content creators. “This is the first time we have received mass DMCA claims against clips. We understand this has been stressful for affected creators and are working on solutions, including examining how we can give you more control over your clips.”

In the future Twitch will be utilising software to track people using copyrighted music, similar to the system that YouTube employs, but will not punish streamers for older clips or clips in the upcoming months. Later, creators that keep breaking their guidelines and keep using copyrighted music will be penalized. Twitch is also working on a new feature which makes it easier for creators to manage their clips and delete them more easily when needed.

Some streamers already took matters in their own hands. Streamer Trainwrecks reached out to artist 21savage in a humorous way, asking permission to use his music during his livestreams. The problem is that not all artists hold the rights to their songs, as they are often in the hands of their label. 

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Picture credit: Twitch
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