June 29, 2020

TSM win T1 VALORANT Showdown

TSM have won the 50.000$ T1 VALORANT showdown, taking down the hosts of the event T1 in the final game, and win the first Ignition Series event in North America.

Things were looking up for TSM as they started things off in group B. There they faced Immortals first, winning both their games with 13-3 and 13-6 respectively. Spot up (13-11 & 13-3) and Charlotte Phoenix (13-9 & 13-11) were next and both teams were unable to stop a dominant TSM roster. In the quarterfinal they beat ‘Together We Are Terrific’, moving on to the semi-final.

In that semi-final TSM faced FaZe clan, who beat fan-favorite 100 Thieves earlier. They were unable to hold off TSM though as they lost 13-9 and 13-7. In the final TSM met up with tournament hosts T1 in a rematch after TSM already took the Winner’s Bracket Finals 2-1 earlier.  The Grand Finals began with a 1-0 advantage given to TSM, which they converted into a quick 3-0 (13-4 | 13-9) victory to clinch the championship.

During the tournament we also saw a glimpse of which agents were the most popular among the professional players. Sage, Breach and Phoenix were found in almost every match and seem like the most important options. Other agents that were a common sight were both Cypher and Sova, with some teams (among them TSM) also using Jett.

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Picture credit: T1
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