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TSM issues apology after inappropriate tweet

The apology comes after an insensitive, and by many deemed an offensive tweet posted by TSM social media manager Duncan “Dunc” Cox after he himself already issued a public apology.


Posted after the lost match of their VALORANT team against 100T, the tweet in question showed an image of a father entering his son’s room asking “Are ya winning, son?”. Instead of still being behind his pc, you see a chair knocked over with the son seemingly hanging from the ceiling.

“Just wanted to apologize for using the wrong image for a sad meme. I completely misjudged the template until it was pointed out”, Dunc said. He added: “I’m truly sorry to those that I may have offended. I really did not mean to cause offense. It was a straight copy and paste in a quick action. I thought the guy was walking away from the chair and he kicked it over in frustration.”

While his apology seems heartfelt, there was little understanding of his actions. Not excusable, super tasteless,… The comments kept flooding in with some people even demanding Cox being fired by TSM.


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The organization was quick to issue their own statement, saying nothing more than “Mental health is important” with a link to a Twitlonger. In it, TSM explains they strive to build a positive community and that mental health is no subject to be laughed about.

They ensured their fans that … processes are now in place to prevent something like this from happening again.

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