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TSM FTX welcomes Bang to their VALORANT roster

TSM FTX’s VALORANT roster has been incredibly volatile, but has seemingly settled on Bang.

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TSM FTX has gone through multiple roster changes in their relatively short offseason. First, TSM announced the introduction of former T1 IGL, Braxton “Brax” Pierce to the roster. Brax however never played a single game apart of the main squad despite having ample opportunity to. Then, TSM dropped Stephen “reltuc” Cutler who had been a part of the team since it’s initiation into VALORANT as it’s IGL. Cutler had also played an integral role in some of TSM’s best important matches, such as their finals run in First Strike.

Now, the roster void of either of these two and TSM have turned to a third option. Sean “bang” Bezerra will be entering the roster as the 5th man and will finally round out the roster. For those familiar with the scene, Bang has consistently been among the highest ranked players in the soloqueue ladder. Though with little competitive experience, this promising young talent could bring a breath of life to the roster.

TSM have largely failed to recreate their once stellar results in the new VCT era of esports. Their First Strike second placement was quickly following by disappointing placements in the qualifier stages. Though coming close to qualifying for the Closed Challengers series, TSM FTX almost always came up short despite some good individual efforts.

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Image Credit: TSM FTX