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TSM finish first place in the regular season – Team Liquid soar with Santorin

After defeating 100 Thieves and finding 30 total wins, TSM have finished the regular season in first place.

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The regular season of the LCS is rapidly approaching its end, and the standings are beginning to solidify. TSM found their first place clinching win over their longtime rivals, CLG, in a dominant victory. Team Liquid meanwhile have seamlessly integrated Lucas “Santorin” Larsen back into the starting roster. With one game day left and a three-way tie for third, Team Liquid could still stand to climb the standings with one last push.

TSM claim the regular season title

NA’s most historically successful organization has become the first team to finish with 30 wins, and potential more after their game tomorrow. The absolutely dominant win over CLG solidified the team’s impressive regular season. Consistently defeating other top teams and rarely dropping a game versus those below them, TSM showed how well they synergized since Spring.

TSM now have secured the best seeding in the post-season with 100 Thieves and every other team in the rear view mirror. Mingyu “Spica” Lu had another carry performance and has only continued to make a case for his MVP season.

Can Team Liquid recover in the last week?

Team Liquid announced that their full roster, including Barney “Alphari” Morris and Santorin, would be competing in the last week of the season. Since starting Santorin, Team Liquid have gone 2-0 at full strength. Team Liquid had a dominant game against the surging Evil Geniuses, as Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen greatly benefited from Syndra’s recent buffs.

Team Liquid are firmly in the playoffs, but could secure a spot in the top four with a victory tomorrow and salvage their hectic regular season. In the final game of the regular season, Team Liquid will face off against Cloud9.

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