June 21, 2020
League of Legends

TSM Doublelift calls LCS production ‘a clown show’

The LCS broadcast missed the mark in its first week, but the problems still persisted in its second week. TSM ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng tweeted out his frustrations when it comes to the broadcast and criticized the production.

The LCS started with a new format since this Summer Split, with Friday Night League, and also updated their overlay. When it comes to the show itself, multiple new segments were added that weren’t received as well by fans, feeling forced and derivative. The broadcast also suffered from some technical difficulties, which continued into the second week.

After some more issues with the overlay, which seems to be updated manually, such as showing the wrong amount of towers destroyed and the wrong Fiddlesticks build (TSM vs. Immortals), Doublelift tweeted out his frustrations. “It’s actually impressive how it was possible for someone to make every wrong decision and make LCS worse to watch.”

Doublelift also criticized the new segments that were introduced to the broadcast and the current production team. “If the broadcast is consistently making mistakes with the overlay, showing the wrong Fiddle build, wrong replay, cringe ‘Freestyle’ rap, and then ends it with SushiDragon, it feels like a clown show. In another context showing niche content at the end of the show would be great.”

He ended his rant with a quick comment on Ovilee May not being a part of the LCS broadcast team. “Ovilee has a ten times better understanding of what’s funny and entertaining than the boomer running LCS which is probably why she’s not on the broadcast this split.”

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Picture credit: Riot Games
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