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TSM bench support Biofrost

After last weekend’s 0-2 record saw TeamSoloMid drop to third place, the team is adjusting their starting roster for the upcoming LCS matches.

Star support Vincent “Biofrost” Wang has been relegated to the bench for the next weekend’s matches as TSM will be bringing in their Academy support Erik “Treatz” Wéssen as a starter.

Currently TSM’s record of 6-4 secures them third place right behind frontrunners Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. But for a team that brought in the most decorated NA player of all time Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng during the off-season that is not enough.

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Although Biofrost has been the lane partner for Doublelift during the TSM era of the LCS, his recent performances have not inspired much confidence. His replacement Treatz has been with TSM Academy for a year and his play on the rift is often credited as one of the reasons why TSM Academy leads the table at the moment.

TSM will face 100 Thieves with their new lineup on Friday, July 17. On July 18 they will compete against FlyQuest.

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Image Credit: Tina Jo/Riot Games