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TSM and Gen.G break record for longest VCT VALORANT game – Too much overtime?

TSM and Gen.G faced off in the first round of the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 closed qualifier, in what would become the longest game of competitive VALORANT so far.

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TSM had their backs against the wall in the game and had to win to avoid being eliminated. The first match of the series went to Gen.G who managed to win on Bind with a pretty standard 13-10. When both teams took to Split however, the scoreline and the match itself got a little out of control. In the end it was TSM who won with an amazing 23-21 scoreline, breaking the record for the longest game.

That wasn’t the only record that got broken as Gen.G’s Nicholas “NatureE” Garrisson also broke the kill record in VCT with 49 kills while playing Kay-O. The previous record was held by Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk from 100 Thieves, who managed to secure 48 kills in one game on July 11. Eventually, TSM won the series with a 13-10 score on Icebox.

Overtime in competitive FPS games has been a debated topic in the past, with not everyone being a fan of it, wanting to avoid scenarios like this. Professional CS:GO player Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander suggested changing the format slightly with teams changing sides every round. While the discussion on overtime in VALORANT hasn’t really popped up, games such as the one between TSM and Gen.G will surely get it going.

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