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Top Esports athletes healthier than average population says study

It’s a debate that’s been held numerous times but a recent study coming out from the Queensland University of Technology shows top esports athletes to be in better health than the average population. They also seem to drink and smoke less and are physically active.

The study was held with 1400 participants from 65 different countries and found that, in general, esports players are 21% healthier than the general population. Interestingly the study also showed that esports athletes were less likely to smoke and drink less alcohol. 

Physical exercise

Michael Trotter, Esports researcher of the Queensland University of Technology talked about their findings. “As part of their training regime, elite esports athletes spend more than an hour per day engaging in physical exercise as a strategy to enhance gameplay and manage stress” […] “”Exercise and physical activity play a role in success in esports and should be a focus for players and organisations training esports players.”

There were however some differences when it comes to elite esport athletes and amateur ones, with the latter being less physically active and more likely to be morbidly obese. The study is meant to tackle the preconceived notions people have about the health and weight of esports athletes, pointing to physical health as a parameter for in-game performance.

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Image Credit: StarLadder