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Top 5 streamers that don’t stream on Twitch

For years, Twitch has stood as the epicenter of all streaming. Whether it be gaming, IRL, or anything in between, streamers have historically flocked to Twitch for their broadcasts. Competitors have come and gone, primarily in form of Mixer. Backed by Microsoft, the platform initially made some huge signings despite ultimately falling. This has opened the door for other platforms try and compete.

Few things can stand up to Twitch’s inherent advantage with Twitch Prime and Amazon backing, but Youtube and Facebook particularly are making waves. These are our picks for the best streamers on platforms other than Twitch.

DrDisRespect – Speed, Violence, Momentum (on Youtube)

The 2019 Streamer of the Year was once at the top of Twitch, DrDisRespect was hands down the platform’s most prolific FPS streamer. Formerly of Call of Duty fame, working as a level designer, DrDisRespect was integral to popularization of the battle royale genre. On June 26th, 2020 DrDisRespect was suddenly and mysteriously banned from Twitch indefinitely. Little context has ever been shed on the situation and even today we still have no idea why DrDisRespect was alienated from the platform.

DrDisRespect did not simply fade away after his departure from Twitch however, as his loyal following has crossed platforms to support the Two-Time Champion. DrDisRespect is still pulling incredible numbers in terms of viewership and has maintained the same level of production. Without a doubt, DrDisRespect has made himself into one of the best ‘off-Twitch’ streamers.

Disguised Toast – Offline on Facebook

Offline TV’s near constant member, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang was also a premier Twitch streamer. Disguised Toast led the Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics scenes on Twitch and amassed both games impressive viewership. Instead of mysteriously disappearing from the platform however, Disguised Toast was offered a massive deal by Facebook to switch platforms.

Disguised Toast quickly rose to the top of all Facebook streamers. During his relatively short stay, Disguised Toast has amassed an audience of 1.5 million followers. Still streaming his regular amount and variety of games, Disguised Toast has stated several times he doesn’t regret his decision to make the switch.

LazarBeam – Code lazar

Similar to many others, Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott made the switch from Twitch to Youtube. Most famous for his Fortnite gameplay and commentary, LazarBeam has consistently been a top tier content creator for years. In Fortnite specifically, LazarBeam’s growth in Fortnite is so renowned that it earned him his own skin in the Iconic skin series.

The Australian streamer moved to Youtube in January of 2020, along with fellow content creator Elliott “Muselk” Watkins. Since then, LazarBeam has transitioned his success to Youtube and has done incredible charity work as well. During the Australian bushfire, LazarBeam and several other content creators raised over $300,000 for the relief efforts. You can catch LazarBeam on Youtube, producing content and streaming on the platform.

Doom49 – Facebook’s rising streamer

If you go on many ‘best Facebook’ streamer searches, you’ll inevitably find Doom49’s name. For good reason as well, Doom49 has been creating content since 2006 and has a massed more than 900K subscribers. Starting out his streaming career on Twitch, Doom49 has since moved his audience primarily to Facebook. Here, he primarily plays games of the FPS and battle royale genre.

Doom49 has been a consistent content creator for years and has maintained a competitive edge and maintained his same brand of humor. Though not one of the biggest names, he’s forged a place for himself on whatever platform he has found himself on. You can watch Doom49 play Escape From Tarkov, Rainbow Six, and more on his Facebook stream.

VanossGaming – More than just games

Evan “VanossGaming” Fong is a Canadian music producer, video game commentator, and general internet personality. VanossGaming has been a prevalent internet personality since 2015 and was first known for his YouTube videos in games such as Garry’s Mod and Grand Theft Auto V. Vanoss’ reach extends far beyond this however, as his music career has also led to the growth and proliferation of his stream. As a DJ, Vanoss performs under the name Rynx and has even worked as a creative director for the game Dead Realm.

Vanoss has been loyal to YouTube for countless years, and has primarily worked as his streaming platform of choice since getting into the game. A voice actor for YouTube’s own video series ‘Paranormal Action Squad’, Vanoss’ influence in YouTube is unparalleled in terms of streaming.

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