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TimTheTatMan speaks out about Twitch’s DMCA issues

TimTheTatman gave his opinion regarding Twitch's ongoing DMCA troubles, warning the ordeal could harm smaller streamers.

Popular YouTube streamer TimTheTatman gave his opinion on Twitch’s DMCA issues. For the past several months, streamers have been re-broadcasting copyrighted content on Twitch for their live audiences. Only in recent weeks have restrictions been put in place as publishers have issued takedowns and doled out bans. The most recent bans have come to two of the platform’s largest creators, Pokimane and DisguisedToast.

In light of these significant bans, TimTheTatman gave some advice to his old platform. “Twitch also needs to have something. They can’t just be, ‘okay, you’re banned. Okay, two days. Okay, you’re back.’ What’s probably going to happen is Twitch is going to make something and it might honestly come down hard on smaller creators.”

Referring back to the ‘adpocalypse’ that occurred on YouTube several years prior, Tim stated “They had this whole thing happen, YouTubers were doing it. They cracked down on it and it hurt a lot of YouTubers that were just smaller channels.” Though so far a majority of streamers banned on Twitch for DMCA related issues are larger figures, the issue has only just begun to trickle down.

Several other Twitch streamers have expressed concern over the future of their platform in its current climate. CohhCarnage over Twitter warned streamers against ‘testing the waters’ further as potential licence holders could take legal issue with both the streamer as well as Twitch itself.

While some individual streamers are actively trying to get their reaction content back, it is clear that the future of the site is still in turmoil.

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