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TimTheTatman joins Complexity Gaming

After his recent switch to YouTube, TimTheTatman made news again by joining Complexity.

Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar has joined the Dallas Cowboys owned gaming organization, Complexity. Now a streamer and content creator for the NA based team, TimTheTatman is now also a part-owner. TimTheTatman has made news several times the past week, as he became the latest streamer to move to YouTube.

Beginning his streaming career with Overwatch, TimTheTatman has transitioned titles multiple times but has solidified himself as one of the premier public figures in Call of Duty Warzone. Tim’s switch from Twitch to YouTube did not come at the cost of his popularity, as he is still one of the most watched streamers of all time. Tim notably garnered over 4 million subscribers in only his first few weeks as a YouTube streamer.

TimTheTatman dropped hints earlier this week that he would officially sign with his first gaming organization. The reveal was made earlier today as Tim became a member of Complexity Gaming. What came as a surprise to many though was that Tim did not sign this massive deal to just be a content creator. TimTheTatman is now a partial owner of Complexity Gaming. Tim’s contract is reported to be up to 3-years.

Notably, Complexity Gaming is owned by the Dallas Cowboys, which is Tim’s favorite NFL team. In a recent interview discussing his contract, Tim stated that he intends to participate in events and content for the Dallas Cowboys. This Sunday, Tim will host a popup event where new Complexity merch featuring the newly minted streamer will be sold. Fans can expect far more content for both Complexity and the Dallas Cowboys in the near future.

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