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These Pokémon are coming next in UNITE – Leaks and more

More Pokémon are inbound for Pokémon Unite. The Pokémon MOBA has plenty of more Pokémon to bring to the game after Gardevoir was the first addition.

While the developers have yet to announce the further additions to the roster in Pokémon UNITE, several leaks on social media have given us plenty of clues.

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Leaker “Eclipse” has been busy datamining in Pokémon UNITE and he is fairly confident in Blissey and Sylveon as two upcoming playable Pokémon. Sylveon would also be the chance for Eevee, a long-time fan-favourite to join the MOBA.

Besides those two Eclipse has also found plenty of other Pokémon that are in some form in the game files already. We have first generation Pokémon like Nidoking and Tauros as well as legendary Articuno for the nostlagic fans but also a couple of additions from newer games like Jirachie from Ruby & Sapphire and Xerneas from Pokémon X & Y.

Which of these will join the roster as playable Pokémon is still unclear. But especially the legendary Pokémon will most likely be implemented as boss enemies similar to Zapdos.

For Chansey and its evolution Blissey fans have also found screenshots, but their authenticity is not clear yet.

Gardevoir was released a while back already and fans have been clamouring to finally get Blastoise implemented into the game. But so far the developers have not said anything regarding the water-type starter yet.

More Pokémon:

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