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The World of Warcraft team responds to Blizzard Activision controversy – Employees set date for company walkout

The Blizzard Activision controversy has continued to spiral as the World of Warcraft team responds and employees stage a mass walkout.

Blizzard Activision has remained in hot water as more details surrounding harassment and inequality in the work place has surfaced. As more employees and former employees come out with increasingly damning evidence, Blizzard has started to respond. Today, the World of Warcraft team released an official statement regarding the situation as it stands.

In their statement, The World of Warcraft team stated that they have spent the last few days in reflection “full of sadness, pain, and anger.” The team also acknowledged the women who have come out to speak against management and personnel accused of harassment. The team has turned their gaze internally to ensure that such issues do not occur again and specifically emphasized that they would focus on managing their virtual world, Azeroth, as well.

This all comes to light in wake of the announcement of a massive Blizzard walkout occurring tomorrow. Approximately 2,600 employees have signed up for the walkout. This numbered consists of both current and former employees that have been scorned by the current Blizzard management.

The walk out is meant to advocate for greater equality in the hiring and promotion process and to hold current leadership accountable. This is set to occur at the main Blizzard campus in Irvine, California with many joining online via the #ActiBlizzWalkOut hashtag.

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