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The PGL Major still set to take place in Stockholm

The PGL Major may still take place in Stockholm, Sweden after much controversy.

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CS:GO has seen relatively few LAN events since the start of the online era, with virtually none featuring a live audience. The PGL Major, originally slated to take place on October in Stockholm, would be the first Valve sponsored event since 2019. Controversy stemming in the Swedish government however has threatened to cancel this event. The Swedish Sports Federation has blocked esports from being brought into the fold, thus preventing them from getting an exemption from Sweden’s strict COVID-19 policies.

Valve has seen countless issues trying to organize LAN events, as similarly The International 10 was forced to move to Romania after being blocked from Sweden as well. The tide may be turning however, as organizations such as The Swedish Esports Association have pushed Swedish officials to reconsider the issue.

As it stands, there are two very important dates that will determine the future of the PGL Major. The first will be when the Swedish government’s vote to life the temporary entry ban that currently prevents players and fans from entering the country. This vote will be on August 23rd. The next is a vote on indoor restrictions that would allow for a live audience, taking place on September 15th.

Both of these changes need to occur if Stockholm is to host PGL, but time is currently running out. If both votes go through, Valve will still need to plan an entire Major from scratch and turn around the venue in a relatively short amount of time. Other countries with significantly lower restrictions certainly provide another avenue, as Ukraine has been tossed around as a potential substitute.

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