TI prizepool breaks records
September 3, 2020

The International 2020 prize pool exceeds $35 million US-Dollar

The prize pool for The International 2020 continues to grow even as the Battle Pass nears its end. Just a week after overtaking last year’s record, TI10 also soared past the $35 million mark.

Although the tournament has been postponed indefinitely the community continues to showcase the power of crowdfunding. As some of the Battle Pass rewards are still not in the game yet, we can expect another bump to the prize pool once Immortal Treasures III and the Windrunner Arcana are implemented.

Dota 2 Battle Pass
Dota 2’s Battle Pass crowdfunding defies all reason.

Regardless of the current debate within the community about the future of Dota 2’s competitive scene, players and fans remain passionate and continue to break records.

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Will the prize pool break past $40 million? With only 16 more days to go until the end of the Battle Pass it seems unlikely, but if any community can pull that off, it would be Dota 2.

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Image credit: Valve
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