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The in-game settings and crosshair of TenZ in VALORANT

TenZ has remained at the top of the VALORANT scene ever since the game launched. What do his settings look like?

Settings in VALORANT are important, like it or not. While it’s important to use settings that you yourself find comfortable to use and that are appropriate for the gear you’re using, which you mostly figure out by playing loads yourself, it never hurts to look at what some of the top players in the scene are using. These are the settings used by TenZ, one of (if not the) biggest players in VALORANT right now.

Video settings

Materials: Low
Detail: Low
Texture: Low
UI: Low
Vignette: Off
Vsync: Off
Anti-Aliasing: None
Anisotropic Filtering: 1x
Improve Clarity: Off
Bloom: Off
Distortion :Off
First-Person Shadows: Off

Lower settings are advised for players, even for those with high-end computers, to make sure you’re getting the max FPS available and the highest visibility. Too much detail might distract.


Crouch: CTRL Left
Walk: SHIFT left
Jump: Mouse Wheel Down
Ability 1: Mouse 4
Ability 2: Mouse 5
Ability 3: C
Ultimate: F

TenZ makes use of the additional buttons provided on his mouse, something all players should consider as well, having more options at their fingertips and being able to get to them faster.


DPI: 800
eDPI: 280
Polling Rate: 1000
In-game Sensitivity 0.175
Scoped Sensitivity: 1.1
Windows Sensitivity: 6


Color: Cyan
Outlines: Off – 1 – 1
Center dot: Off
Inner lines: 1 – 3 – 2 -2
Outer lines: 0 – 0 – 0 – 0
Fade, Movement & Firing error: Off – Off – Off


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Image Credits: Riot Games / Sentinels
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