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The casual games era: Why Among us is dominating Twitch

While esports games have been dominating Twitch for most of its existence, many streamers start to gravitate towards more casual games like Among us. Why are they so appealing?

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With the enormous hype around the party game Fall Guys slowly wearing off, a new game is taking Twitch by storm: Among us is all the rage on Twitch and Youtube now.

Among us is a so called social-deduction-game, that revolves around good communication skills to either survive or kill everyone.

A round of Among us goes as following: You and the other players are spawned in a space ship. At the beginning of each round, every player is assigned with one of two Roles, Crewmate or Impostor.

The Crewmates are always the bigger group, with only one or two players being the Impostors. None of the Crewmates know the other player’s roles.

The bigger group must either fulfill various tasks around the ship or vote out all the Impostors to win, while the Impostors must kill all the players on the ship. When a Crewmember is killed, he is not allowed to communicate anymore.

The perfect socializer

This creates a special dynamic between all the players, where everyone should play their role perfectly to win. That is also why the game is best played with a group of friends.

And that is one of the reasons why Among us has picked up so much steam recently, even though the game has already been released in 2018. With all the social distancing and quarantining going on around the globe, the game is a very fun way to socialize.

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The players need to know whom they can trust, and find out the best way to behave to stay undercover. The game is all about knowing the people you play with.

With the huge success Among us experiences currently, even pro esports players like Godsent’s Martin “STYKO” Styk cannot resist:

No matter for how long Among us will keep up the hype, the next party game is propably already waiting around the corner. And it is going to be good.

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Image source: InnerSloth