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The best In-Ear Headphones for Gaming

Many players prefer in-ear headphones to full headsets. Here are some of our recommendations if you are thinking of purchasing one for gaming.

More and more in-ear headphones are also targeting the gaming market. So if you also prefer those to the larger headsets, here are some of our recommendations of models that are also good for gaming.

High Comfort for Long Sessions

The main draw of in-ear headphones compared to larger headsets that are worn over- or on-ear is their lightweight and ease of transportation. Using in-ears almost eliminates the strain on head and ears entirely. Especially when the weather gets warmer, in-ears can be a great addition to your gaming setup. If you are streaming and conscious about your hairstyle in-ears will also be much more suitable for your needs.

Another classic use case for in-ears are gamers with glasses as many larger headsets can become quite uncomfortable for longer periods with the additional strain they put on your head.

Lower Sound Quality

Although the technology keeps improving, in-ears still offer noticeably lower sound quality than full gaming headsets. Especially spatial audio remains difficult for the smaller in-ear headphones. So if you are mainly playing games in which you need to locate opponents by sound cue, you might be better served with the “classic” gaming headset.

But if your favourite games don’t have that requirement you can find a wide variety of in-ears for all needs. Most of the models in the market are more targeted towards listening to music, so make sure to doublecheck if your choice has everything you want from it.

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Here are our recommended gaming in-ear headphones:


The best In-Ears for Gaming

JBL Quantum 50 (starting from $24,99)

If you are looking for a starter model you should look at the JBL Quantum 50 In-Ears. Especially the medium and higher tones are strong in these. They are a bit weak in terms of bass, but most environmental sounds in games can be easily located with the JBL Quantum 50.

They also have an in-built microphone, which can be muted. Sound quality of the mic is about average but considering the low price the JBL Quantum 50 is a very reasonable pick-up.

Logitech G333

If your budget is a bit higher you should go for the mid-range model G333 from Logitech. It was specifically designed for VR gaming with the Oculus Quest 2, but it is also quite capable for non-VR games. Two audio drivers make sure your audio quality can properly showcase high tones as well as deeper bass.

The microphone on the Logitech G333 is very solid, especially on PC. For console users it is a bit weaker as there is a bit of background static disturbing your quality. The Logitech G333 also has an USB Dongle included, which allows you to use it on USB-C sockets as well.

Moondrop Aria

The Moondrop Aria is barely still within the mid-range with its pricetag of $79,99. Main focus of these in-ears is the sound quality. Even music and movie enthusiasts can be satisfied by its excellent quality.

Unfortunately it also lacks a microphone, making it inpractical for voice chat. But if your gaming needs do not necessarily need a mic, this is the perfect choice for you.

Sennheiser IE300


Firmly in the premium category the IE300 Sennheiser has a formidable sound quality on offer. Its quality is almost on par with over-ear headsets and fulfills all your audio needs. Unfortunately it does not have an in-built microphone, making it more difficult to justify if you use voice chat in your gaming sessions.

If you do decide to go for these in-ears you will also enjoy the phenomenal fit as you can adjust it until it sits comfortably in your ears.

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